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Australian Premium Solar (APS) is an Australian registered company that develops and maintains all types of high quality designed and certified solar panels. Solar modules of Australian Premium Solar are the highest quality workmanship, durability and performance. Australian Premium Solar is a Trading and Brand Name.

We are one of the most rapidly emerging player in the photo voltaic industry in Australia and offer comprehensive solutions to all your clean energy needs. APS is based in Queensland Australia.

 The world is making a dramatic shift toward sustainable and nature friendly living. People and communities all over the world are striving hard to make their lives more energy efficient but  not many players can meet such requirements satisfactorily.

APS  are passionately committed to fill this void and to offer innovative and dynamic power solutions for everyday living.

What do we do?

We specialize in delivering clean energy products to installers, electrical contractors, distributors and utilities. Whether the end-use of our products is to residential, commercial or industrial purpose for local , state or federal governments or for utility applications, we have an answer to all clean energy needs.

At the core of our business is commitment to research and development spread across 3 time zones. Our team works day and night to keep pace with global demands. We are constantly striving to produce new methods of utilizing solar energy and to bring only the most relevant and cost-effective to the public.

Environment Protection and Our Company

APS is driven by a strong sense of responsibility toward the environment- we are keen to make our contribution to saving the planet earth. We want to make a difference in the world where we work, live and play .

Mono Series Panels


Poly Series Panels


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user_white4/29, Bellrick St,
Acacia Ridge QLD 4110, Australia
speech_whitePhone: 1300 909 351
speech_whitePhone: +61 7 3162 0075
speech_whiteFax: 07 3319 6991
Office Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm (Monday to Friday)

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